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Trade shows - More than meets the eye

Walking through a big trade show and shopping, browsing or getting ideas can be a fun way to spend part of a day. But have you ever stopped to wonder what it takes to make a show like that happen? It can take a few hours to get ready for a small show or a few days for some of the larger ones.

The first thing that needs to be done at a large show is marking all the floors so we can get the layout accurate to the floor plans. Once the layout is all good, we can start setting out the drape tubes and rails that divide the booth spaces. We try to pre-thread the drape on to the hardware back at our warehouse before the show to save time. Once all the drape is up we will label each booth so that it is easier to place the furniture like tables, chairs, stools, pegboards etc. which our crew have pre-loaded into our trucks prior to set up. The booth signs also make it easier for the exhibitor to find their booth space upon arrival. The furniture can be different in each booth so spreadsheets and drawings help to keep the crew organized while doing this task.

When all of this is complete the vendors will usually be able to move in and set up their booths. But this doesn’t mean our work is done. For the larger shows our staff will typically be on hand during the vendor move in offering them a service desk where vendors can order any additional furniture or services such as custom labor, janitorial and material handling and/or ask any general questions about the event. Once the vendors have set up our team will often have to go back and place carpet in all of the aisles and booths making it comfortable for the vendors while they are standing for countless hours during the show as well providing comfort to the attendees while they shop. After the carpet is laid and taped down, we vacuum the carpet to make sure it looks great for opening.

Wow, I’m getting tired just writing this. Imagine how tired the crew might be after setting up for multiple days. When the doors open and people walk in, most have no idea about all of the work it’s taken to put this show together. They also would have no idea about all of the hours spent by show organizers to get everyone there including booking booths, advertising, printing tickets, paying bills and much more. Not to mention all of the prep work our trade show manager, Carol Baker has been doing. She has had to put together booth packages, taken exhibitor orders, make maps and vendor order spreadsheets and booth signs just to name a few of her many tasks. All of this to make an amazing show happen. Minutes after the show ends, we’re back there again to take it all down. It’s a heck of a lot of work but we love it!

If you would like any information on our trade show services, please contact Carol Baker @ (306)653-3705 or email

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