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When to Wed

Who doesn’t love slipping on a summer dress, some strappy shoes and sitting in a lush garden or park enjoying a beautiful outdoor ceremony with a glass of lemonade in your hand? Summer season weddings are great but living in Saskatchewan we know that the weather is always unpredictable no matter what season it is. I’ve assisted with weddings in the middle of the summer that have been rained out or so windy that it was hard to keep decorations and chairs from blowing away. There have also been some fall or spring weddings that have been perfectly calm, warm and beautiful.

Having been a wedding planner in Saskatoon for over 10 years and now working at Hub City Display, I’ve definitely noticed a trend toward out of season weddings. There are some beautiful wedding venues in and around Saskatoon but they book up very quickly, so considering a wedding that is not in the summer months can be a great option to get the venue you want. There are also some great photo ops when weddings are in the spring, fall or winter.

The fall in Saskatchewan is magical with the leaves and fields changing from greens to deep reds, oranges and yellows. Rich colors like navy and burgundy or plum mixed with copper, orange or gold tones makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere at any fall wedding. Grey or ivory work as great neutrals for fall weddings

If winter is your season of choice, cooler pallets of whites, blues, soft greens and silver can be sparkly and mesmerizing.

Of course some brides and grooms opt for typical Christmas colors like red white and green which can be equally pretty. And photos taken outside in the snow, can be so ethereal and beautiful if you don’t freeze your face off.

Soft nudes, pale pinks and purples are all spring faves but you could also consider brighter spring green and vibrant tulip inspired colors. Spring is a time of rebirth and regrowth. Curly willow with blooms attached or cherry blossoms on branches remind us of this season of budding and regrowth and have a fresh clean feeling.

Whatever the season, anything goes. My advice to brides is to always pick items and colors that make you happy or that you love. That way you’ll never regret your choices. There will always be color trends but if you choose colors or décor just because they are “in style” you may one day look back and wish you’d chosen something personal or something that was YOUR favorite. Your wedding is a time to let your personal style shine through. So take some time to figure out what that is and then work with a planner or rental specialist to bring your vision to life.

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